Day Off Musings

A rare weekday off, on which I have zero intention of doing any ‘work’. So far I’m failing…

As I sit at Starbucks, waiting for the Ford dealership to complete some work one of our cars, I am trying to catch up on my personal email that I have neglected going back to the Spring of 2018. So many email messages. So much junk..

While I sit here and work through the backlog of messages, and enjoy listening to some much-neglected podcasts that I very much enjoy, I am reminded that I have found myself forgetting to breathe the last few months. I am very bad at forgetting to fulfil and stay current with some of my personal interests, and instead, I become completely engrossed in my work. I will skip personal interests and little things that I should do, and instead, I will spend that extra hour or two at night to try and catch up on email. I need to be better about making sure I don’t miss these things.

Things I need to be better about, which I’m going to write down in hopes that doing so will help me be contiously intentional in doing so, include:

  1. Better about making time for Heather and I, be it date nights, or game nights, or just sitting and talking. I have been guilty about not being intentional about this the last while.
  2. Pay more attention to the timing of the time which I work at home, where I don’t take time away from my time with Heather or Freya. Doing so in the evenings is bad for this, so if I instead get up early, I won’t lose time with either of them.
  3. I need to write and read more, which I think will help me in my creativity again, and my planning processes. I hardly do any of either currently, as I am continually reactive and behind things all day every day at work, so that when I get home I feel I have to spend that extra time. My only answer to what I am being asked to accomplish is to work more hours.
  4. Stay current with my personal interests, and explore new ones. For those who know me, I am a big Liverpool FC fan, as well as Formula 1. 2018 saw me watch 4 LFC games, which is far less than I want to take in. I miss being able to enjoy the time taking in the matches and in turn the broadcasts and ongoings surrounding each F1 Grand Prix.
  5. University has taken a backseat to everything else. I haven’t done any of my coursework over the past month, which has put me on the backfoot, and I need to change this.

So there we are. Here are my thoughts this morning while I sip on a hot drink, feeling like crap with this damn flu, in search of some cathartic release in the form of writing, waiting for my car to be ready.

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