A Great Dinner

Last night was our annual company Christmas party.  It was a great meal partnered with matching conversation with many.  I always look forward to the event, which I always hope everyone enjoys.  This year saw 38 attendees, including guests, and I think it was a very perfect size all said and done.

This year we recognized a couple coworkers who had reached 5-years with the company, something of which I take pride.  I take pride, not in the fact that it is my achievement, but for the fact that the organisation has fostered an environment that has retained them for this period of time, and (hopefully) has allowed them to grow with their role and the company as a whole.

One hundred fifty-seven million, six hundred and eighty thousand.  Two million, six hundred and twenty-eight thousand.  Forty-three thousand, eight hundred.  One thousand, eight hundred twenty-six.
That is the number of seconds, minutes, hours, days, or years, since your first day here at SilverPoint.  A simple number can be inconsequential when you try to gain the perspective of what the true significance of what it means into focus, and what it is which you have brought to this organization.
Instead of trying to look at one that is simple, let us look at a complex number.
When we consider what a person brings to an organization, it is not simple.  It is complex and dynamic.  Perhaps infinity is a much more fitting representation of what a single person brings to an organization, as the ways in which you add to our organization’s complexity are infinite.
Simple is complex, and complexity is simple.
While some might say congratulations, that makes this sound like a simple achievement, whereas that single word does not seem sufficient to express the complexity of this milestone.
Instead, we would simply like to say, thank you.

The text above,
 is the body of what was written on the plaques we provided to each of our coworkers who had reached 5-years service with the organisation.

However, a surprise which I was given along with Mike, my business partner, was an award of recognition to each of us from the entire staff.   It was not something I had expected to receive, and I don’t think there are many things in my professional career which can compare to the feeling which receiving such a gift provides.

Receiving a gift such as this one, is both extremely humbling and rewarding.

All I can say to anyone involved, would be Thank You.

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