Fortune Cookies

A book?

Well, maybe…

For months now, I have been contemplating the possibility of sitting down and writing something. Not just a simple garbage Tweet or Facebook update, or a meandering blog post. No. I’ve actually been giving heavy consideration to writing a book.


When eating my lunch the other day, which consisted of Chinese takeout, I opened my fortune cookie. And in it, the message read ‘You will soon write something with great meaning’. Prophetic..?? Who knows…

I have no idea if I will actually sit down and write something of substance. I do have a couple ideas for things which I think I have the passion to write extensively and passionately about, and I think both of these things are important.

Who knows…

And yet, this blog posting could at this stage be considered little more than an over-character garbage Tweet. But it is something meaningful, and also something which I think almost nobody will see. In many ways as a society in a narcissistic way, we believe once we post something online, suddenly droves of people come flocking to read what we have to say. I hope I am not that narcissistic, nor am I that naive.

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