Letters to Freya: Flott-Tante Mary

Dear Freya,

I am writing this to you from the Business Lounge of the Edmonton International Airport, while Uncle Mike and I wait for our flight back home.  We came here to meet the owner of a Canadian Tire store that we do business with, but most importantly on this trip, we attended the Celebration of Life for one of our customers who passed away.

Life is an amazing thing Freya, and it is something you should cherish, but most importantly it is something you should live.

This past Thursday (July 13, 2017) your Flott-Tante (Great-Aunt) Mary passed away.  Born on June 5, 1925 in Norway, she came to Canada (with my Bestemor, as well as my Aunt-Louise) she was 7 she was years old, and was 92 years old when she passed away.

This might sound silly, because you don’t understand right now and will never remember that day, but telling you that she had passed away was not an easy conversation for me to have with you – but it will be but one of many conversations like that as your father, throughout the remainder of my life.

I hope you grow to have the deep respect I have for those we have lost, and to show them the respect and honour they deserve, and cherish the memory of those we lost with everyday of our lives, by living that which we are given – life.

All My Love,


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