Sleep Training + Noise Cancelling Headphones

We have started Sleep Training.  Would it be considered ‘cheating’ if I were to wear noise cancelling headphones at homes while Freya cries?

The change in sleep schedule, as well as sleep training itself, continues.  And it sucks.

Nobody Sleeps

There is a lot of information available for couples that are expecting, as well as new parents, and you know what?  I hate how much there is.

Facebook.  Twitter.  Instagram.  Forums.  Websites.  Newsletters.  Talk Shows.  News Broadcasts.  Everywhere you turn, someone has an opinion about what bottle works best, what the best formula is, or even what colour sheets will soothe your baby the most – it’s ridiculous.

Information Overload
Everywhere you turn as a new parent, you are bombarded with information and advice. Everyone and their dog, is going to tell you ‘It gets better’, but you will feel patronized the entire time.

So, contained within this post where I complain about information and opinions, will be a bit of irony – for without any further ado, here is my opinion about a couple things.

There are a few Podcasts that I think are really great, and they are:

There is one particular Podcast Episode which I want to draw special attention to regarding sleep, and that is ParentCAST Episode 7 – The Importance of Bed Time Routines.  This may seam self evident, but babies need a regimented schedule, and they need consistency (upon this ‘advice’, I think all parents would agree.

My second piece of advice, is to be aware and monitor just how much surfing your significant other does during the day.  Particularly if they are the primary caregiver, they will have period of ‘down’ time to fill.

Are You Awake
Down Time: A period in which you hardly breathe or move, in fear of waking up the child.

During this time, I find a lot of Mom’s I know end up surfing the internet, most probably Facebook, and conversing on various Mommy groups.  This is where the complete avalanche of information starts from.  If not taken with a (very small) grain of salt, the fact that your child is 4-months old and still doesn’t know how to recite the alphabet because some yahoo in China told the world their child did it, and now every other child on the planet is ‘slow’.  Albeit it an exaggerated example, but it is this mindset that is easy to get into when you’re entire day (and world) is that little monster bundle of joy, where you start thinking your child isn’t ‘normal’.  To that, I would simple ask you this: What is ‘normal’?

Define Normal

Lastly my advice for you today, which is to purchase some noise cancelling headphones.  You’ll be able to gain some head space, and zone out of from the crying baby – if even for 15 mins (of course, while you are doing this, they are being cared for by someone else).  I find myself listening to a lot of podcasts are I put Freya to sleep lately, which helps me deal with the lack of sleep.

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