Teething is Fun.

Teething.  Oh, teething.  Any parent who has experienced teething knows the joys of this time.  Those rosy little cheeks are not cute, they are warning signs.  They mean “If I had teeth yet, I would bite your fingers off – that’s how upset I am”.  I am now convinced that this is the translation of ‘rosy cheeks’.

So, if it wasn’t already evident, Freya has started teething.  Last night was murder.  The only thing we had at our disposal was some Infant Tylenol, so that’s what she got – and it did help.  Apparently we had both forgotten to put Oral-gel on the shopping list (guess what I picked up this morning).

In other exciting news, we’re switching Freya sleep schedule and will be starting to sleep train Freya tonight – she gets to fall asleep on her own now.  I’m not sure how this is going to proceed, but I foresee a few difficult nights in our very near future.

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