A Pound Gained – Almost

Freya has gained almost a pound over her birth-weight now, weighing in a 7 lbs 2 oz.  I had sat down at my desk here at home last night to do some course work for school, and as I tried to concentrate on reading my textbook, I found myself in awe of how much Freya has changed in such a little time.  It’s funny how something so little like this, can mean so much to you as a parent.


I am even just as astounded by how much Georgia has changed and grown.  I saw her the other day, and after waving to her had my hand grabbed by a massive paw that is now her hand – amazing.

I’ve been watching 2 ‘football’ games this morning.  Liverpool FC played Hull FC earlier this morning, and won (5-1).  Right now, Alabama is playing Kent State in the SEC (currently 41-0 at halftime).  I’m hoping the weekend provides some quiet time.  My ears have been ringing for 3 days now…


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