Letters to Freya: The Day After You Were Born

I wrote the letter below, the evening of August 31st, the day after Freya was born.

Dear Freya,

The day you were born was a very busy day.

Your Mom woke me up at 5:30am, to tell me that her water had broken.  We proceed to call the maternity ward at Langley Memorial Hospital (LMH), and went in.  It was there that we confirmed that your Mom’s water had broken, and because of that she could no longer go home.

Unfortunately LMH didn’t have enough staff to admit Mommy, and we were transferred to Ridge Meadows Hospital, where she was admitted.

You were born at 10:12pm, on Tuesday August 30th, 2016, weighing 6 lbs 3 oz, measured 19 inches long, with a full head of hear, and you started crying within seconds of being born.  It might sound funny, but I was very happy to hear you cry, because I have always been told hearing a baby cry right after being born, is a good sign that things are ok.

You were named Freya Eileen Faith Gjertsen.

‘Freya’ is a very Norse (Norwegian) name, that your Mommy and I liked as we were discussing possible baby names, and it is what we decided your name was once we saw you after you were born.

‘Eileen’ comes from the middle name of your Great-Grandma Rutz, whose name was Eleanor Eileen Rutz.

‘Faith’ comes from your Bubby, as her name is Sandra Faith Pavelich (it is also your Mother’s Confirmation name).

At the very moment I am writing this letter to you, we are still at the hospital (Room 204), and you are with you Mother nursing after just having a bath (which you did not like, and cried very loudly over).

So far today you have met and seen, Bubby, Bestamor, Bestafar, Auntie Alicia, Uncle Tim, and Georgia!  Auntie Jenn and Uncle Mike weren’t able to make it to the hospital to see you today, but if we get discharged from the hospital tomorrow, you will see them at home tomorrow.

Freya, I could not be more happy and thrilled than I am right now (I am tearing up at this very moment).  After going through the labour and delivery process with your Mom, I could not be more proud of her than I am each time I look at you.

Anyways, that’s about all I have to say tonight.  I hope you have a decent sleep here for a little while, and look forward to taking you home tomorrow.

All My Love,


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