Pregnancy Update: T minus 28 days

Status: 90.27%

Captain: We have reached Full Term!!!

I was very much a preemie.  In fact I was born very early, by more than a month actually, and I see this as having been a precursor to my habitual need for being early for things today.

I have to say though, that reaching this stage of the pregnancy as silly as it sounds, is a huge relief for me.  The possibility of the baby needing to stay in prenatal care reduces around this time, and for some reason that was something that (I guess given my own birth) was something I was really concerned about, so now I can let go of that stress item, and move onto the next.

It is absolutely wondrous feeling the baby squirm, punch, and kick from within Heather’s belly, but when you can see the baby move from within, that is a whole different level of wonder (and weird).

Oh, the belly.  It moves…

For the first time during the pregnancy, I saw the baby move last night, and boy was it moving, which was really kewl, and something I plan to enjoy as much as possible while we can.

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