Pregnancy Update: T minus 36 days

Status: 87.26%


On a sunny Thursday evening in May, I met my niece Georgia for the very first time.  When we walked into the maternity room of Langley Memorial Hospital where my sister had been two days earlier when we saw her last, we saw a little bundle that was our niece, swaddled up sitting next to my sister.

Those first few moments of joy and wonder, as we traded hugs with the exhausted new mother & father, were only eclipsed as we stood beside Georgia and looked down on her and she looked up at us for the first time.  It’s this same awe and wonder which I look forward to seeing in the eyes of our siblings and their spouses, as we greet them after the upcoming labour & delivery of our little one.

Preparing for the arrival of baby is an adventure in it’s own right.  You read books, only to have other books contradict what you have read.  You read articles, and websites, only to have those ‘disproven’ by the next thing you read.  And then there are the opinions, and they speak for themselves.

Here’s my opinion about something.  😉

The ‘Finnish Baby Box’ phenomena that some are aware of, is something that I have been familiar with for years, and it is (in my opinion) such an amazingly great idea, I wish other countries would take notice and action to provide something along these lines to expectant parents.

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