Pregnancy Update: T minus 38 days

Status: 86.58%

I really enjoyed this movie’s ability to be comedic, and also deliver some good messages to viewers, even the young ones.

If this was a grading system from when I was in high school, we would get an A.  At least the A would be for effort I think…

It is gorgeous outside this morning, and I plan to spend the day working out at the family farm.  A quick trip to Home Depot to grab a few things, and then out to Aldergrove for the day.

Heather is struggling with the heat now, and unfortunately our air-conditioning unit only does so much.  The baby’s movements continue to fascinate, startle, and captivate me.

I have been extremely tired lately, and I am starting to suffer from the shift in ‘Daddy Brain’ lately, which I’m struggling to keep in check with my responsibilities at work.

An interesting article that I read on the subject recently, was published by WIRED, and it was an intriguing read.

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