Pregnancy Update: T minus 40 days

Status: 85.84%

Go Canada Go!

Last night was one of the first nights that Heather and I had a chance to sit down together, and watch the Olympics with any sort of dedication, and we focused our attention on the pool.  It was an amazing showing by the Canadian swimmers last night, and they have made our country proud.0pf4KQ5

I love how online advertising system work.  I have banner ads for cribs, strollers, playpens, server monitoring software, antivirus software, and orbital sanders currently scrolling through on one of my other tabs.  Now if only I could get them to realize that I bought the crib already, we received the stroller as a gift, already have the monitoring & antivirus software packages, and the orbital sander was a search for RPM details.

So if I could ‘check off’ my advertising shopping list, the only item in the banner ad rotation right now, would be the playpen (not too much of a priority this very moment in time.

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