Pregnancy Update: T minus 42 days

Status: 85.27%

Tomorrow would have been my Bestemor’s birthday.  Born in 1903, she lived to within two months of her 100th birthday, and was the matriarch of the Gjertsen family.  Oh how I miss her, and wish she could have met little Georgia, my niece, and our impending arrival as well.

2016-08-08 08_00_15-Pedigree View -

Family is so very important, and it can be so very dynamic as anything in life.  I have seen some great examples, and some poor examples, both in and around our extended family.  But at the end of the day what matters most, is they are your family, and you do what you need to for family – it’s simple.

Genealogy is a big passion of mine, and I love working on it.  Searching for information about family and ancestors, and piecing together small pieces of their lives to help fill gaps in the family tree, is extremely rewarding to me.

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