Pregnancy Update: T minus 48 days

Status: 82.97%

Well, it’s official.  Heather is sick.  Which means, in an effort to avoid getting sick myself, I will be sleeping on the couch until further notice.  Joy.

Another new fun feature I’m experiencing now, is every time the phone rings and I see her Caller ID but it’s not a ‘normal’ time for her to be calling me, my adrenaline spikes.

We received a sample photo of our maternity photos last night, which is a great treat to have – thank you Taryn (link her site here)!

13886334_1139337196105402_4676905442822174384_nI am kicking myself into high gear now, in my preparation for being away from the office for an extended period of time after Baby G arrives.  I have to say this is a lesson in what I’m going to call depreparation.  I know what’s coming, but I have no idea when it’s going to happen.  For someone who always has a schedule outlined, and preferably weeks / months in advance around important projects and activities, I must confess this is a challenge for me professionally – the not knowing.  Of course all of our discussion surrounds the due date, but at the end of the day that could mean absolutely nothing.

Here’s to another day of planning & preparation, for whenever we might need to act upon those plans.

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