Why Blog?

I was asked the other day, “Why do you blog?  The internet & media platforms are changing, and in many ways blogging is becoming something from yesterday.”

I don’t disagree with this statement.  While written word itself changes slowly overtime, the platforms by which we communicate with one another changes much faster.  It wasn’t that many years ago, when writing letters to one’s family members or pen-pals was a very common practice still, something that is becoming a dying art today.

Blogging is something I used to do a lot, and it is a form of expression I find relaxing and fun at the same time.  It allows me to write, as little or as much as I may feel the need or desire to do so, and it allows me to express myself on a platform and medium that is my own, in our personal website (I say ‘our’, but in reality I question if my wife has ever even looked at the site before).

I blog, because I am not a video person, so vlogging would be something very unnatural for me.  I like to post online here, because it allows me some personal technology time, as I get to dabble in my own web space, and it’s a technology interest I have, that is non-professional, so there is no pressure or stress surrounding it.

Another reason, is it is a medium of express that I believe will stand the test of time for years to come.  If I were to keep a diary, which I have done sporadically throughout my life, it is a medium that could be lost or destroyed.  Some of my thoughts, and posts, are things I hope to be able to show or share with my children one day, as anyone having read some of my previous posts would have seen that some of my posts are specifically addressed to our unborn child.  Those posts, while not necessarily the content, but the process surrounding writing them have helped me in many ways connect with our impending arrival, for while writing them I have been forced to think and consider things and aspects surrounding pregnancy, parenthood, fatherhood, family, and other aspects of life that I may not have considered as deeply or in a particular light, than I would have otherwise.

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