Pregnancy Update: T minus 50 days

The date has been set for some time now: September 20, 2016.

Just another day, of another year, right?  Wrong!  That is Heather’s Due Date (if you listen the the doctors, but what do they know).  And while the baby (partially nicknamed ‘Baby G’ – if you think about it for a second, you’ll get it) will arrive on whatever day it feels good and ready on which to do so, September 20th if the date at which everything is targeting.

Heather continues to do well.  Sleep continues to be a struggle, and her joints are starting to bother her, but in the grand scheme of a woman can go through during a pregnancy – she is doing amazing.

I continue to work on this God forsaken dresser.  I got a lot of work completed on it yesterday, which was great.  If I had another full day on which I could work on it uninterrupted, I would be very close to finishing it, but today was not going to be that day.

With today being Aug 1st, and a Monday, that meant it is BC Day here in Beautiful British Columbia.  Instead of a day in my garage, working away on the dresser, we are going out to Campbell Valley Park for some Maternity Photos, which are going to be taken by a photograph friend of ours – Taryn (website details to follow).

I hope everyone has a great BC Day, or if you are not from the local area, a wonderful Monday wherever you may be.

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