Receiving Blankets?

To say that the week is going according to plan, would not be accurate.  It’s only Wednesday, but yet I feel like it should be Saturday already.

Heather has her vacation booked for ahead of her maternity leave, which leaves her with only 2 full weeks of work left, which is good.  Things are going well, and this should allow her as stress free and comfortable third trimester as possible – only 8 weeks to go now…

If there is one piece of advise that I could give to family, friends, or complete strangers when preparing during a pregnancy is this: Don’t waste your money by buying receiving blankets, because EVERYONE will buy them for you as gifts.

The other tip I would provide, is to NOT try and refinish a dresser 2 months out from the due date.  You will be more than a little stressed about getting it done fast enough, so that the new finish can have time to breathe in your garage, so that when the dresser is moved into the nursery, there won’t be any harmful fumes for Momma or Baby.

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