Rain & Baby Showers

Langley was pummelled by rain yesterday (Saturday) morning.  It was great (I love rain, particularly when I’m half asleep and the bedroom window is open a crack, so I can hear it enough that I fall asleep).

Today is Heather’s Baby Shower.  We are 74.4% of the way to term, and have 72 days (or 10 weeks) to go now.  Now is the time that things are getting real.

I’ve been sitting in the baby’s room for the last hours or so, cutting tags off clothing, blankets, and towels, and folding the load of ‘baby laundry’ we ran Friday.  As I have sat cutting off the tags (no son or daughter of mine will have to put up with an itchy tag if I have anything to say about it), and folding all of these items, the impending enormity of change that is coming our way sinks in in varying waves and degrees.

3 months from today, is Thanksgiving here in Canada.  And It is with a very surreal thought that I have reflected upon the fact that the occasion will be marked with the addition this year of two grandchildren in my parent’s house.  And when it is my turn at the table to reflect & share with those present what it is that I am thankful for this year, it will be easily be hands down the little one that is currently moving around at all hours, keeping my wife up.

Oh how things change, and how wonderful they can be.

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