Time Keeps Ticking, and the Baby Keeps Kicking

Posted On By Rob Gjertsen

Sixty Percent.  More than half of a whole.  More than half way…

That is how far into the pregnancy we are now.

In close to 4 months from now, there will be a little one present in our home.  While the prospect of the arrival is fascinatingly exciting, 4 months is not a long time, and when my brain starts firing through everything that we need to do, get done, and learn, I feel so extremely under-prepared it is not even funny.

While there haven’t been many yet, every kick I feel startles the bejesus out of me, making it 10 times that much more real for me of the impending arrival of this little soccer player (fingers crossed), whom is growing by leaps and bounds every week (currently the weight of a man’s dress shoe, and the size of an action figure – according to my ‘Daddy’ app).

But at the same time, each kick makes me feel much more a part of the pregnancy and a bond with my wife and the baby, something which in many ways is not present earlier in the pregnancy (there are many times where the non-pregnant partner will feel as if they are a third wheel – particularly when dealing with the medical practitioners).  I love feeling those kicks, as infrequent as they may be at this time.

On a side note, I can’t believe I let my old blog expire and get lost in time.  I had forgotten just how therapeutic I find writing these posts, even if they are only a few lines.  Oh well – I will put forth some new found dedication to this, as I have to other areas of my life that I seam to have lost over time…

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