Time can pass, and yet things remain same

Posted On By Rob Gjertsen

I have a fairly large extended family.

Both of my parents were 1 of 6, and the lines on both side branch out progressively from there.

A couple cousin’s of mine were in town this past week visiting with family, which resulted in a small get together yesterday evening at my aunt’s place.

Unfortunately Heather was sick, so she couldn’t attend, but I was fortunate enough to be able to attend.  It was incredible to see so many members of our family in one place at the same time – being able to catch up with cousins that I haven’t seen in years, or whom I have seen but haven’t had the opportunity to speak with in depth, was great and an absolute pleasure.

Having grown up with large family get togethers being a normal occurrence, I always find it special when things things happen, as infrequently as they do these days.

The highlights of the evening for me?

  1. Discussing our family’s heritage with a couple of my cousins.
  2. Having three of my cousins try to guess names, which Heather and I have on our ‘list’ of names for our upcoming arrival.

What a great time to have had.

On a side note, I felt the baby kick again today – it always startles me…

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