It’s the little things that kill you…

Posted On By Rob Gjertsen

I have had the great fortune to work in technology for the last 18 years, and have worked alongside a wide variety of individuals.

There have been those whom I would always look forward to working with, for their work ethic and attention to details (like clear & concise documented notes) made it an absolute pleasure working alongside them on a daily basis.

And then there are the ‘other kind’ of workers….

They don’t records their notes, or if they do they are severely lacking, or downright unhelpful.

In an industry where knowledge & documentation is king, and so much of what we do is ‘mind power’, I fail to see why so many individuals are consistently so sloppy in their work habits.

Of course this is not restricted to the tech sector, as I have had the pleasure off working in a variety of fields, and the same can be said for any vertical.

Of course, that does not help you when you take a call, and when asking them a question the caller’s response is “You should have this documented already…”.


I’ll go back to my time entries now…

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