Work-Life Balance with a Child. Maybe…???

I am writing this entry, sitting at a kitchen table of a Motel suite (the Beaver Motel) in Nipigon, Ontario, separated from my (13 week) pregnant wife by approximately 3,073 km’s of roadway.

How fitting should I be sitting here the last couple days as I bring my day to a close, about what a work-life balance might look like post-delivery.

One of the preparations we have made in our home for the arrival of the newest member of our family, was a retrofit of our home office.  Previously, it was a disaster.  To the point that I would prefer driving into the office at night and working from there (keep in mind when judging, that we live 5 minutes from the office).

For me to be comfortable moving into this new time in our lives, I needed a space where I could work from home, instead of always going into the office to do those same things.  The idea behind this expenditure, was to allow me to be home more, which I truly hope this helps achieve.  How ironic I am writing this post from where I am, huh..??

Side Note: It is insanely windy outside – I can hear the siding moving around.

Back to our story…

So a task was undertaken, and is still in progress, but the changes we have made within the office are some that I feel really good about, and are ones I feel are going to be good long term.  The office will also double as a bedroom on nights when I need to exit our bedroom if needed.

One major project almost done, and next it will be to get rid of the furniture we took out.

Anyone need a futon..??

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